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central systemsAt Vacuum Pumps UK we like to think that we do more than just sell pumps. We provide solutions to our customers requirements. In many cases the pump is just a key component in this solution. The ability to provide complete systems as a solution to our customers requirements has always been part of the Vacuum Pumps UK offer. This can be as little as a valve and filter fitted to a unit, right through to a fully centralised and automated vacuum and pressure system for a printing or packaging factory.

The VPUK engineering team have always approached each new systems enquiry with an open mind to ensure we fully understand our customers needs. By combining the expertise and experience gained from previous system builds, along with up to date knowledge of the best and most efficient components, VPUK can engineer tailored solutions to meet our customers needs and provide the most efficient system in terms of capital cost/rate of return, energy efficiency and latest legislative requirements. Vacuum Pumps UK can offer solutions for many Industries such as: •


• Printing central systems
• Packaging central systems
• Lifting, holding, clamping
• Impregnation/resin infusion vacuum bagging
• Conveying
• Hospital and medical systems
• Food packaging
• Ground Remediation As well as many more.

Many of the above applications can be covered by our existing range of pre-assembled vacuum systems.